Statistics says that in Russia about 30% of the working population regularly experiences negative experiences associated with their work.More prone to this, those who work with people, providing education and health services.Need to be kind sometimes causes burnout syndrome.Depletion of the body can be very strong, so you need to carefully monitor the health, try to avoid positions where the increased nervousness.

causes of occupational stress

Stress arises due to various circumstances.For example, bad working conditions, the increased amount of noise, or the presence of negative odors, heavy schedule and hard work contribute to the emergence of experiences.With these factors can not handle even a healthy person, and the person usually quickly weakened and fall ill from the process.External circumstances hard to ignore, some industries can not be avoided.

Difficulties in the team and uncertainties are causing stress.If people do not understand their responsibilities if employees hang over the threat of dismissal or reduction if properly built communication, there is no possibility to do quality work and be responsible for product or service, a person begins to experience.Difficulties in communicating dissatisfaction with the environment contributes to the build-up of negativity and judgment.

Dissatisfaction wage income comparisons with others can seriously lower the self-esteem, cause dissatisfaction happening and even aggression.Frequent reports and checks need to collect documents and evidence of something increases nervousness.Inadequate managerial behavior and the threat of dismissal is constantly afraid, does not relax even in the hours after work.

The need to communicate with people, to provide them with support and assistance requires special patience.Tired of this way of life accumulates.And the first is easy to forget what happened during the day, not to think about the working time, but a few years later voltage increases.In these positions there is no way to show your mood, sad or nervous, customers come to the fore, and it makes self-control, to be kept.Such stress is very strong, it occurs gradually, and one simply deprives a person of the opportunity to work on such a place.

How to deal with occupational stress

Start with the rest.It is important not to just give up time from work, and distraction, to forget everyday work.Holidays should be long and take place in the new circumstances.And it is important to learn to alternate between rest and work, to leave the problem in the workplace, and not to wear them yourself.You can do this through meditation, mental attitude and just control: never talk about his profession in his spare time.

Change your workplace.You can rearrange the furniture, change photos, images and other objects, buy new flowers and souvenirs.If possible, change the cabinet with other employees to see everything in a new light.

Look for new hobbies that will please you.Emotional costs need to be restored, and make it very easy if you learn the fascinating hobby.You can skydive at the weekend, cross stitching, or care for animals.Look for a way to restore and give him as much as possible.If

rest, good sleep and hobbies are inconclusive, I think, and maybe it's time to change jobs?Sometimes it is necessary to find a new place to stay calm and psychological health.