Internet is full of lunatics.On any of the forums or in the comments on the social networks you can meet such a character.He may not like your avatar or your thoughts, or even grammatical errors.But it is likely that the same person, so masterly sent you in erotic journey on foot for the wrong from his point of view of thought, the reality is not so aggressive, and, in general, My joy, my father's pride.

So what types of personality disorders are manifested in a person, he had only to get online?

intermittent explosive disorder, combined with the Internet

Basically it is a quiet man who can joke cute weeks and keep light conversation in the forums.But up to a point.Any little thing can bring him out of himself, and this dear man will begin to send everyone in the far distance, urging selective swear words.And cursing you and your family and anyone passing by.And it would seem ...

In real life, people are prone to EDI, less than 10%.They clearly characterize unstable mood.These people tend to explode in any, most insignificant, about.To the extent that the store did not give delivery of the ruble, and they made a scandal if they nedodali thousand or worse.People with this disorder are prone to uncontrollable aggression.

fanatic syndrome refresh the page

Internet addiction manifests itself in different ways, but one of the main - this is it, refresh the page.

Whether it's a new post on social networks or a new picture, that's all.All subscribers, friends must intuitively sense when a fan F5 posted something and then throwing all the things going laykat, repost and comment.Moreover, this delightful post should thunder on the Internet so that they do not roared nobody.

But the post is laid out and starts waiting for the nationwide recognition.The author systematically every three minutes refreshes the page.Having at least some response, even in the form of indistinct comment (and if comments are not one word, hoo), the author is activated, carefully he wrote a very detailed response and freezes again in anticipation.

But if such a beautiful office remains unnoticed by the public for more than five (!) Minutes, the author writes, the second post that all the pigs and how you can, where the comments, I'm trying to anyone, and the like.

In real life, such as the effect of causing a person's desire to receive psychological comfort through the immediate satisfaction of their needs by means of addiction.A good example of this behavior of a small child who wants a toy at the store and picks her way to get fit.

Munchausen Internet

Or a victim of circumstances.For every site there is an internet hero who, in general, is a more than normal, most of the time, and then happen any tragedy in the life of this character.He died one of the relatives or the hero is terminally ill, and all the inhabitants of resource throw their inner strength to express their sympathy to the author, virtual rays of good and full support.But the bitterness of grief had subsided, it takes several months, and then again.The hero is terminally ill hamster or apartment burned, flooded room, in general, the universal matter.Typically, once the fifth even the most compassionate inhabitants resource remains sympathy for this character.Reacts to it just newcomers, calling oldfagov heartless brutes.

In real life, people suffering from this mental disorder, or mimic the symptoms of the disease itself, call for sympathy from others.In general the basis of this syndrome, as described above, is the need of attention.The only difference is that in this case, attention should be positive, i.e. sympathy support.


Community in forums or in personal correspondence does not imply exact perederzhivanie rules of the Russian language.In principle, no one is protected from typos and adequate interlocutors normally react to them.But on the Internet you face him - linguistic Nazism.When any typo, grammar nazi gives kilometer text about what the treatment of the native language is unacceptable, and how you do something is the earth, you are ignorant people.

In reality, this syndrome is called - obsessive-compulsive personality disorder.It is what makes people fixate and unrealistic conditions for performing certain tasks.This syndrome has a resemblance to obesessivno-compulsive disorder, but a fundamental difference is that OCD perform rituals is more important than, for example, the ideal literacy.

It manifests itself in a person just because the Internet gives the illusion of security.You can be rude or tell a lie and no one, it seems, will never know.But the secret sooner or later becomes apparent.

Respect ananonimusov Anonymus and respect you.