Children phobia - a fear based on contact with the environment, that occur in early childhood.It is fear of the dark, fear of some special items, such as doors in basements and closets.If a person has not started to be afraid of such things as a child, he likely did not even begin to do so in the future.It refers to children's fears social phobia, as the need to socialize there is a man just in the early years of life.Children most do not like to go to kindergarten.Teenagers and adults usually do not show fear of school or work in such an explicit form.Nevertheless, this group phobias affect human whole life.Effects of child social phobia is often a fear of public speaking or communicating with superiors or powerful people, which is present in most adults.
Teenage phobia.At this age, there are fears based on an understanding of ourselves as part of the medium.Fears associated with a particular type of interaction with other people or objects.For example, intimofobiya - fear of sexual relations - and all sexual fears associated with this phobia often originate precisely in adolescence.But if a person initially frightened by the prospect of physical contact, in adult life, this fear usually results in fear of close spiritual relationship.Suffering intimofobiey afraid to open up, to take responsibility and move closer to the people.It leads to the emergence of phobias and insecurities, which manifests itself most often it is in teenagers.Also at this age, there is the fear of death (thanatophobia), claustrophobia (claustrophobia) or open (agoraphobia).
Phobias usually have the responsibility of young parents.Some of them are afraid that with the child that something might happen.They try to control all your child choose his friends and prohibit walking away from the house.Obsessive fears of this kind is not a manifestation of love, it is the panic with which parents are unable to cope.As a result of phobias often appear in children.
strange phobia.In recent decades, the list of human phobias significantly expanded.Some phobias are typical for that time, for example, fear of excess weight, while others - unusual, for example, fear of balloons, chickens or pattern in a circle.Not all phobias of this group has a name.