study of attention deficit disorder - a relatively new trend in science.Therefore, clear diagnostic criteria for ADHD yet.But there are a number of signs that make us think that the presence of the syndrome may occur.All these signs are symptoms of the disorder only if manifested in different locations (home, school, visiting relatives), significantly reduce the possibility of the child to adapt to life.In boys, the disorder manifests itself much more often than girls.Among them, the number of children with ADHD syndrome usually 3-9 times more.
Inattention.A child with attention deficit disorder, as the name implies, is not able to for a long time to focus on one activity.It's hard to learn the lessons, he can not always see out a movie or transmission.It diverts any little thing that immediately pulls all the attention on himself.Because of the inability to keep the focus of the important things a child is often absent-mindedness and forgetfulness shows.He needed much more often than their peers, reminding of its obligations and action plans.
Impulsiveness.Children with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder may not be consistent.They are too impatient, that manifests itself in many everyday situations.They are hard to wait their turn, they can not endure as long as the dish cools down, they seize upon the solution of some problems without delving into their conditions and he has started reading before the end of the instructions for action.Part of that quality of character is the emotional instability, mood swings or whims "from scratch."Of course, all children have these qualities in some way.But children with ADHD syndrome are more likely to occur on a regular basis.
Hyperactivity.Students with symptoms of hyperactivity is a big headache for teachers and classmates.It is not always a sign of their vitality conduct disorder, but in almost all cases, without exception, excessive activity of the child adds to the problems in the classroom.Restlessness, talkativeness, the presence of a large number of "unnecessary movements" like running around, waving his arms, spinning objects in the hands of hyperactive children appear so often that they become an obstacle to the normal training and communication with peers.