Determining the causes spektrofobii

Fear of mirrors - one of those phobias, to get rid of that is important to know the cause of.Directly depends on the methods of treatment.If the cause is determined incorrectly, selected techniques may be ineffective, and you are just wasting time.But the right techniques can help quickly and easily solve the problem. Try to remember when you start to be afraid of mirrors, what is connected with this phobia in your case.Think of what causes concern.If you find it difficult to determine the cause, you may need hypnosis.

Causes spektrofobii may be different.Remember, you did not conduct seances, without wondering whether using mirrors.Such "fun" often included in the list of children's amusements, and may provoke a phobia.Remember, do not panic if you are distorting mirrors, superstitions related to this subject, myths and stories, including about Wonderland.Maybe you thought you saw a ghost in the mirror or other otherworldly creature.Finally, the reason may be, even in a horror film, which made a strong impression on you.

Therapies spektrofobii

determine the cause, you can begin treatment.If fear is not too strong, and is associated with only your reflection, get the habit to smile, looking in the mirror.Select affirmations that will support you, "I enjoy looking at his reflection," "I look great", "Mirror show my beauty." A good option would be to temporarily get rid of the mirrors in the house.Leave one or two of them.Be sure to remove the subject of those rooms, where it scares you.As a rule, we are talking about the bedroom.

severe phobia associated with the traumatic event, may become a more serious problem.In such cases, it is not necessary to try to cope with the obsessive fear of their own.Refer to a therapist for help.In such cases, the most commonly used method of NLP: human again immersed in a traumatic situation, but he can observe what is happening detached.Parallel to the incident "overwritten" in the patient's memory, and it stores the resulting slightly different, much less dangerous situation.So the cause is eliminated, then spektrofobiya passes.

If the fear of mirrors appeared as a child, and the man is hard to remember why it originated, it is appropriate to use the method of deep hypnosis.It allows you to find the cause and eliminate the consequences.