conviction of the opponent - the main feature of jealousy, and the real situation may be different.If a real threat does not exist, attempts to eliminate it takes too much time and effort.Pathological jealousy implies irrational thoughts and feelings in the absence of evidence.This behavior is inadequate, people caught with thoughts of infidelity partner.
most compelling evidence of innocence partner does not eliminate suspicions pathological jealous, because he has his.His proof is based on all sorts of things not privy to the situation.The partner is often accused of treason with many people.There psychopathology in pathological jealousy delusions, obsessions and overvalued.
Delusions can manifest itself in various suspicions regarding the behavior of a partner.Partner contracted genital infections, partner pours jealous reduce libido substance.All the partner's actions are treated in an arbitrary manner, that they can be taken as evidence of delusions.
Obsessive thoughts about infidelity partner seize morbidly jealous with the force of external influence, which can be difficult to resist.These thoughts wasted too much time, the patient is difficult to stop thinking about it.Obsessive thoughts lead to actions rechecking partner attempts to limit their freedom.
overvalued idea for pathological jealousy is an idea on which the patient is concentrated in an inadequate degree.This is not a crazy idea, but it makes a person to give inspections a partner too much attention.Overvalued ideas can be corrected, resulting in reasonable arguments.
Pathological jealousy rarely manifests alone, most often it is combined with mental disorders.Some liken it to a delusional disorder, while others believe the initial manifestation of schizophrenia, and others see it as traits of paranoid personality disorder.
Pathological jealousy can be a consequence of an unhealthy attachment to a partner, an inferiority complex, reduced sexual function.The use of drugs and alcohol exacerbates the disorder.To achieve loyalty from a partner, in some cases resorting to violence.