Many modern psychologists study behaviors, motivation killers.It was found that people go to the crime if you can not meet the physical and psychological needs.But, you can find a few people who would be all happy, and they are not going to commit murder.What distinguishes the criminals from the ordinary people?

motivation killers and habitual human

It should be noted that most of the criminals who have decided to take the life of another person.previously judged.According to foreign studies, almost 75 percent of all convicts - sociopaths.This type includes individuals who always come in a variety of conflicts and to learn from punishment.They have no loyalty to the community, parents.In this they differ from ordinary people.

In addition, more and more you can find people for whom killing acts as a motive.However, the offender can be pushed to commit acts and benefit, revenge, envy or jealousy.Of course, each person may occasionally experience these emotions and experiences.But the killer is not only trying to solve the problem in this way, and gets satisfaction from violence, as well as a kind of psychological discharge.

Features value system

It was found that there are significant differences among murderers and law-abiding people on the level of awareness of rights, obligations and norms.For example, compliance with the criminal law and practice using it more pronounced among ordinary people, although awareness of the legal field in these two categories is roughly the same level.The level of assimilation of values ​​and norms among murderers is lower.Therefore, the motivation that keeps criminals from other negative acts, is a fear of occurrence of undesirable results.

psychological traits that distinguish a murderer from the ordinary person

Killers tend to have poor social adaptability and sense of dissatisfaction with their situation.Most often, they have such a dominant personality trait is impulsiveness.It is expressed in the reduction of self-control, reckless behavior and emotional infantilism.In contrast to ordinary people they do not understand the value of another person's life.From other criminals they are distinguished by emotional lability, exceptional perception of bias.

Thus, the ordinary man from the killer feature psychological traits related to the rules and regulations motives.