you need
  • - handwriting sample;
  • - specimen signature.
Write a few lines on a piece of paper - a sample of your handwriting.
Start phased analysis size.

size - an indicator of sociability.The man who wrote large, very sociable, easy communication, quick start dating.Fine same handwriting suggests isolation, addiction to secrecy.
Then pay attention to what form the letter and turned deep pressure.

Angular letters talk about the selfish nature, rounded characterize the "boss" as a kind and sympathetic person.

Strong pressure during the writing - evidence of strong will and perseverance, and the weakness of the weak suggests.

calligraphy says that man differs care and necessary, but has no clear its point of view and subject to the influence of others.
Note unity.

If a person's handwriting is written together (when the letters are linked without spaces), it can be said of him that he has a good logical thinking, and if there are spaces between the letters - a person good instincts.
then analyze margins and direction lines.About

generous man will say, wide margins, left the left side of the thrift - narrow field, but the avarice - the field narrowed from line to line, as extravagance - expanding.

handwriting when writing lines which rise to the top, indicates that the person is by nature an optimist, and if the lines go down - a pessimist.

People who write in neat straight lines differ prudence, calm and realistic attitude to their own possibilities.Clever and unscrupulous people usually write wavy lines.
on a piece of paper and sign it, analyze paintings.

people, confident and not timid subscribe simple, standard signatures.

Signature with many loops indicates cunning and supervisory rights.

timid man and tending to loneliness obvedet his signature or a portion in a circle.Energetic and impulsive - will sign the signature crossed out, adventurous - underlined.

unbalanced people painted zigzag painted, painted with feature - the emotional, painted without stroke - intelligent and prudent people.