First all, of course, look at the appearance and appeal of otsnivayut figure.Another reason to do them, is not it?Undoubtedly, the inner wealth of the world is important, but the guys especially like eyes.One should always be well-groomed.

your wardrobe should consist of things that stress the dignity and hide flaws.Too skimpy clothes will draw the young man, but only for one night.Be careful and attentive, looking for what purpose you are aiming.

Legs - a virtue of any girl.Most walk in dresses, skirts, shorts.Compliments are provided.But it does not mean that free t-shirts, sweatshirts, jeans, you can not try, because alienate themselves from men, which was deposited in the memory image of a slender girl with bare feet.Either way you need to feel comfortable.

large number of young people prefer strong sex long hair.The main thing - grooming your hair.No one like it if a girl is a beautiful appearance, but a dirty head.

natural make-up and not be left without attention.It favors the guys because they do not need to wait for surprises in the morning woke up with another girl.Besides kissing a nice girl.

Convinced that looks great, move on to the next step.

behavior - this is what you can until the end to charm Man.Be sincere.Listen carefully to his story, if you do not hesitate to tell their interesting stories from life, but do not tell of what might work against you.Show the young man that his company is pleasing you.

Save a puzzle.No need to talk about themselves all at once.Why did the guy to continue communication if it has recognized your essence?In addition, he has nothing new about you never know, and it's not interesting.It should not be unfamiliar to persons to narrate about your problems, complexes, friends and so on.In general, try not to touch the personal order.This will save you from embarrassing situations, which will feel the embarrassment and shyness.

Show the man that he is not indifferent to you, but do not show it every time.They are annoying.Be different.For example, in the morning nice to hang out with him, and the cold night to say goodbye.He was hooked.

If a man does not show attention to your person, forget about it for a while, then he resumes lost communication with you.