Tip 1: How to begin to live from scratch

So, before you life.Clean as a white sheet.What do you spend it?What will you do all your life?It's up to you and only you.The point is not who and what you will, the main difficulty - is that you become what you want as soon as possible.And for that, no matter how strange, you need a lot of patience.Because life - a multi-stage process, and sometimes very unpredictable.
secondary education.Learn how to better use all the possibilities, which gives you a school.Try as much as possible to communicate and make friends, but not damage the school tuition.Study the two or three foreign languages ‚Äč‚Äčapart from the curriculum.
Depending on the specialization chosen after school, defined with a higher education.In case the financial capacity of your parents allow you this, go to study abroad.It's not that bad in Russia teach abroad, you will have more opportunities to broaden my horizons.And yes, in fact, professors and teachers abroad are showing more concern about the students than in Russia.
parallel with education on their own try to develop in the direction of your specialty.Sit on the free practice of the company in which you would like to see the future, try to gain as much experience before you go out into independent adulthood.
Do not forget to tie as many acquaintances and connections - they really help you in the future.Manifests itself as an enterprising and active student - and you will get noticed.

Tip 2: How to start with a clean slate

happens in our lives things happen that are difficult to move and live with them further.No matter what happened in your life, that you had such a strong impact that you just want to erase all memory and start with a clean sheet .It is not difficult.You must perform a few formalities and after a couple of months already, nothing will remind you that left a mark on your soul.
How to start from scratch
you need
  • - Computer
  • - Internet
  • - Financial independence
First of all, think about the magnitude of what happened.Is there enough will change everything that it touches, and that reminds you about the incident or the need to radically change everything?Define it for yourself as clearly as possible, now is the moment that decides everything once and for all.
If a local phenomenon, erase from your life everything that it touches or can touch.If it relates to their work or place - to change jobs and no longer appear in the places to which it is connected.Break contact with people who remind you of this.Find a new job and a new occupation, radically different from what you were doing before.
Unfortunately, often the previous step is not enough, and requires a more ambitious approach.Change city of residence, after making sure that in a city that you choose, you can not touch it, and that everything is ready for your move.Get familiar with registration, housing and employment.It would be nice to make a brief visit to the city in order to see how things are there, and whether it is in order to move it.During this time, Get job offers and try to learn about the availability of the necessary things for you.
not throw headlong - it may affect you and your future.
Helpful Hint
Remember the most important secrets of life - no matter how many years you have lived, where and how, at any time you can expand your life the way you want, and no one can stop you.