During drawing The consistent use of a child in different colors, the force of pressure on the pencil / brush, the general condition of the child at the table (relaxed or tense back and arms, whether changing facial expressions, etc.).

Use mostly dark colors: black, dark purple, dark blue indicates a depressed mood, a high level of anxiety and tension.Note the picture clarity.Frequent use of a simple pencil and eraser (child draws and then erases again draws and erases all the time, or crosses out painted) - an indicator of self-doubt and fear of being criticized.

Toxic colors and sharp contrast can speak of a latent aggression and internal conflict (opposition itself or a particular life situation).The pale colors, on the contrary, shows that the child is guided and too dependent on anyone.

Clean bright colors adequate combination without the predominance of any color, pattern matching reality (clouds - blue, the sun - yellow, etc.) are considered a sign of a favorable emotional state.Having one or two fantasy elements (unusual tree or a house, the wings of a person, etc.) and should not cause concern you.However, the abundance of "fabulous" moments may indicate detachment from the real life of the child and his desire to get away from the problems.

widespread drawing tests is a test «Draw your family» , to assess the level of psychological comfort in the house.Pay attention to the role that the child devotes himself in this figure.

lack of legs of the protagonist, the image separately from the parent itself is typical of the feeling of loss.The child does not feel loved and needed.The image is widely open mouth or too long, gnarled hands (fingers), one of the parents may indicate domestic violence: the screams, curses, fights.

Generally, children focus on their fear by using large sizes.For example, wild animal hung over the child in the picture, or one of the parents turned out unnaturally large.It speaks about the suppression and psychological aggression directed at a child.

addition to the analytical function, the function of painting therapy.For example, the same fear can destroy: first draw all that worried, and then invite a child to break drawing, defeating fear.

conquer fear can be with an adult.The child draws their fear or resentment, and adult dorisovyvaet that can overcome evil, accompanying drawing folklore (fairy tale).