Numerous proposals to make money online, offers remote operation, and such ads are ubiquitous, and not everyone is able to understand some of these proposals offers honest earnings and which is aimed at extorting moneyin favor of crooks.
In most cases of fraud say calls to make money online without a huge amount of effort.People fall for the tricks of deceivers, because of their greed and the desire to earn as much money, not applying to this time and skills.If you are offered such a salary, you know - before you crooks.Any large earnings requires hard work, and get a decent amount of money without working impossible.
also offers fraud say prepay or buy-in to the electronic purse before starting to work together.Never send money to unknown employers on the Internet.
Also, never trust the sites of employers with free domain of the third level.Check the information on the website owner in the service WHOIS, entering the domain name in the search.If a site does not exist more than two months, possibly before you cheater - after a gullible people collected money, the fraudsters disappear, destroying the sites and e-mail addresses, and then create new sites under different names.
In case the site owner receives money transfers of WebMoney, make sure you have his personal passport, which shows the seriousness of the employer - in obtaining the certificate involves the documents notarized, as well as passport details of the owner of the electronic wallet.
If the seller is a fraud, it will use a standard wallet, do not confirm the certificate.Never send even small amounts on the purses on the network, even if you offer in response to fabulous profits.In fact, you get nothing.
Make sure that you have the opportunity at any time to contact the employer or the seller.Always ask in advance all the questions to the employer - decent people should respond to a letter in the next few days after they are sent.
In addition, fraudsters usually refuse to face meetings and do not give their phone numbers.