Notice how the person moves through the store.Even if he came to the store the first time and did not know where he placed the desired products, it will move purposefully towards them, clearly laid on the route, putting the cart with one item that considers necessary.This buyer is rarely returned to the department in which he has already been.The thief will move stochastically, repeatedly returning to the shelves, which he had already visited.First, it will be selecting and evaluating the planned items, then return to steal them.
Determine thief possible and by his behavior next to the subject that he intended to steal.Normally, it takes those subjects who are at chest level - so it does less movements, attracting the attention of guards.Potential Var can drop multiple items on the shelf and return only a portion of them quietly climb all the rest of the open pockets of clothing.It may take a few times and return the goods on the shelf, then to his perepryatat unnoticed.At the same time, the thief usually involuntarily looks around to check to see whether any of the staff or customers the theft.
Sometimes it may give the opposite behavior - he takes items from the shelf and moves away without considering his options and is not interested in the product.
If the buyer in the store constantly shakes his head, looking up, trying to determine whether a video camera nearby, looking back, it is very likely that it does not want to pay for the proposed purchase.
if the action of the person who conceived steal, then some of them may stage a joyful friendly meeting with loud cheers, at the time when their accomplices under the guise remove items from the shelves and hide it under your clothes.Simulation of turbulent emotions, which features a group of people - an alarming sign and a reason to look to buyers in other departments.