Negative thoughts

One of the most common causes of paranoia is the expectation of all negative results.If instead of a realistic approach to solving problems, you do not expect from their actions no good and were preparing themselves for the negative effects, your negative expectations can become obsessive and develop into paranoia.

People in this state are insecure.Some think that all around only to those involved and that they are discussing a new hairstyle, the other can not escape the thought that their boss is completely dissatisfied with them.To stop torturing ourselves by such thoughts, think how likely that your expectations and anxiety are real and can become a reality.Whenever you notice this behavior for a, be sure to think not only about negative scenarios, but also on how the situation may develop in a positive way.Distract yourself with positive thoughts, for example, if you think someone is discussing your hair, think about what you have today, a beautiful outfit.


Paranoia can be a consequence not only of negative thoughts, but the fact that such ideas are present in the human mind constantly.The more you ponder certain things or events, the more they capture you, and the more you make sure that they are likely to have some meaning.Stop thinking process is not possible, however, there are several ways to stop the paranoid thinking.

example, set yourself a clear period of time during the day, where you will be immersed in these thoughts.If such thoughts overwhelm you at other times, quickly remind yourself of set for a restriction.Keep a diary detailing the thoughts that often come to mind.Re-read it every few days, it will help you dispel unfounded fears and show your negative expectations.

Take yourself

good way to get rid of the paranoia - as much as possible to take yourself so that just do not leave yourself time for negative thoughts.This method, of course, will not solve the real problems you are facing, but it will help you focus on achieving your goals.Spend a few hours a day of your favorite activities, sports, intellectual work, which is completely captivate you.This is almost certainly guarantee you getting rid of paranoid thoughts.

consult specialists

Coping with paranoia is not always possible independently.If you notice negative thoughts overwhelm you, and you can not cope with them;if you understand that these thoughts are irrational, but you still admit their reality;If you feel that captures the paranoia and begins to interfere with your everyday life, be sure to consult a specialist.