cognitive function play an important role in the mental development of a person and their violation is a serious neurological symptom.Such problems often arise due to focal or diffuse brain lesions.Also, the reason could be the age of the patient.According to statistics, about twenty percent of patients at the age of sixty-five years old suffer from cognitive impairment, which often appear in the form of dementia - dementia.

Causes of cognitive

Despite the fact that cognition depends on the brain function, cognitive disorders are not always associated with diseases of the body.The reasons may include: kidney disease, a deficiency of vitamin B12, folic acid, liver disease.Very often, cognitive disorders are symptoms of cardiovascular disease, alcohol or any other poisoning and prolonged depression.Due to many reasons, which can impair cognitive function, patients with complaints of memory disorder and other problems associated with the activity of the brain, must undergo extensive testing and desirably repeat studies over several days to eliminate momentary factor.

treatment of cognitive disorders

According to experts, indicators of cognition vary in each case.It is quite normal when periodically have some cognitive impairment.This happens every man, and therefore should not resort to treatment at the slightest similar symptoms.However, if the symptoms appear more often, and they began to pay attention to the people around, contact a neurological clinic and get tested.Unfortunately, no medical treatment cognitive disorders persist, but only intensified with time, so delay the campaign to the doctor is not necessary.

During the diagnosis the doctor prescribes the patient neuropsychological testing, which is to fulfill the patient exercises on memorizing, reproduction of drawings and words, as well as check on the concentration.On the basis of this study, an expert determines the condition of the cognitive functions of the patient and decides on further treatment.