Children's fears are not always noticeable.In the initial stages of their usually difficult to detect.To recognize the beginning of the baby phobia, watch him.If he became more withdrawn, started to flinch from harsh sounds, often wakes up at night, then maybe it hurts fear.Also pay attention to the child's drawings.Dark colors, sharp lines, strange creatures - is another alarming indicator.
Try to talk with your child.Your conversation should be easy, laid-back tone.You can start with a discussion of recently read the book, seen the movie, etc.Gradually, through leading questions to find out what the child is afraid.
Once you find an object or phenomenon, which causes fear, start to work with the child's imagination.Ask him to draw something that scared kid.Next to advise him to portray himself.The child on his picture should look confident, strong and courageous.This image is put in a prominent place, the baby quickly overcame his fear.
If a child is afraid of some fabulous monster, then give him the object, which will give him confidence in the fight against this creature.For example, a toy sword amulet (if the fear is associated with something mystical).And be sure to express your willingness to help your child to fight his fears.Tell us what you are afraid of as a child and how to cope with this fear.You must be his reliable support and ally.
Monitor the whole process.Interests as the child slept, if he did not dream nightmares.If the answers are vague and evasive, so the situation is getting worse.Offers a variety of solutions.For example, to sleep with the light on at night or come into your room.Sometimes kids just shy to ask for it and suffer from fear alone.
constantly cheering child, emphasize its strengths, in any case, do not force it.Many adults often "encourage" children's phrase: "Well, pull yourself together!You're a brave man or myamlik some? ".This tactic leads to the fact that the baby for foreign confidence and courage begins to hide his fears that in the future may develop into a severe phobia.