struggle with the fear of depth: the first stage

It is important to get used to the water gradually, moving to each new step to get rid of phobias only when the previous one is over and learned.No need to hurry up, otherwise you will not achieve the desired result.Prepare to be that getting rid of phobias take several months. To expedite the process, you can work with an experienced professional.However, in this case, it is not necessary to force the issue.

first learned to swim in shallow water, holding onto the back.This will help you feel the, the water pushes the body.It is necessary to have a number of people who will help you.This will get rid of fear and concentrate on the sensations.Once again, the depth of the fear will be felt, just remember that there are a number of those who are sure to help you.

When you get used to stick on the back, go to training at a greater depth.You go into the water up to his chest, raise your hands and let them stay on the surface.Then try a little bounce, while pursing his feet and feeling the water pushes you.Let the feeling of when the legs do not touch the bottom, stop scaring you.Get used to the idea that you can safely swim, regardless of whether it comes to a depth of 2 m or 20 m.

How to cope with the fear of depth

When you learn the easy jumping and other exercises, go to the next step.Go into the water up to his neck, bounce, press down the legs to the chest, and quickly move your hands to stay longer on the surface.Your goal - to accustom themselves to the idea that the movement of the arms holding you, so, you do not drown. accustomed to this exercise, each time jumping imagine that the bottom is gradually moved away, but you can still easily stay on the surface.

Finally, go to swimming.Sailing along the path to the pool, imagine that in the center of the design is very deep bottom, but you can easily overcome it as well stay on the surface.Proceed to employment in good health and do not try to stand out from the forces.You should always feel that you can easily overcome the desired distance, as it instills confidence and helps to cope with the fear of depth.

Well, if you're able to engage with an experienced coach who not only teach you how to swim well, but also help to gain confidence in their abilities.When the voyage will be a pleasant hobby, a phobia will remain in the past.