Be confident.If you are experiencing low self-esteem, you will be hard to defend their own position.Most often recalled his victories and that the success that you have achieved.Keep in mind their positive qualities and strengths of his personality.Accept yourself, and live in harmony with their own principles.Then you will stay confident and able to convince the other person that they are right.
Find reinforced his words in the form of facts, logical arguments, statistics, case studies.All this information will help you defend your position and make your words more convincing.Therefore, it is important to seriously study the subject in front of a responsible discourse.You must be competent in the subject under discussion.
Pay attention to your mood.Hold kind and friendly.No aggression in your gestures or words should not be.Be able to argue in a civilized manner.Otherwise, your buddies will create an impression of you as a distant, short-tempered and not very intelligent man.
Speak clearly and structured.Florid speech in this case can only interfere.Your opponents will be hard to understand you.Do not jump from question to question, and do not go away from the idea.So you just weary audience, and you will not be listening.At the end of the speech can be done separately by mentioning the main points.So you refresh the memory of the audience.
If you want to convince others to act according to you, think about what benefits they can draw from your action plan.That benefit, which will have around if you listen, you should base its arguments.Let them understand the feasibility of your idea.
Watch your speech.Avoid using words-parasites.They clog up your story.Speak calm, low voice at a moderate pace.If you're chattering, opponents may miss a lot if you start drawl weary audience.Pay attention to your own gestures.Let them talk about your confidence.Incomplete, awkward movements may indicate the weakness of the speaker.
important to the ability to establish contact.Listen you perceive not only the meaning of your words.The acceptance of any decision will play a role, and the impression you will make.Keep eye contact, please the audience by name.Be honest and open.