you need
  • - trip.
Think about whether you do not irritate the habits and gestures of the young man.See how he eats, he drives the car, washes, cough.If a man is right for you, not even the most pleasant things will not cause you disgust.
Watch's own behavior when you are together.If you feel the domestic comfort, totally relax, do not be shy of its shortcomings, can go without make-up - it's definitely a positive sign.With "your" a man you do not want anything to invent about themselves and look better.You will behave most naturally, feeling the unity and peace of mind.
Embark on a trip together.This can be a trip abroad, and rest on a camp site near the city.In just a few days you will be able to learn about the person more than a month of friendship.See how he will behave with you that will cause his annoyance, he will respond to abnormal situations.And most importantly, listen to your feelings after the trip.If you were really comfortable with, and you will remember with a smile this time, it means that your relationship a good future.
Ask your plans for the future of a young man.Even if you are very good with it at the moment, a man may not apply to you because of their future aspirations.For example, you dream of a cozy home and children, and it is unpleasant and even the sight of a baby the next ten years, he is planning to travel around the world.You may have different tastes and temperaments, but the fundamental views on the most important things have to be the same.