Avoiding the situation of communication with the mentally ill could be the best solution, if not for the circumstances that can make it communicate internally.You can not stop to chat with a relative or a close friend if such a misfortune befalls them.It may happen that for some time have to deal with strangers, who have mental deviations.

How can you protect yourself in this communication from the negative emotional consequences?

Define clearly your strengths and resources, to vote, there will be enough to communicate them to you in this situation.

Mental diseases manifest themselves differently in different people.There are patients who can communicate with only a trained technician.It is impossible to live and interact with those who are able to bring a real threat to human life.Such patients are placed in special conditions, and contact with them is possible only for a limited time and with certain safeguards.

In all other cases, the communication with the mentally ill do not pose a threat to life, but also a stressful and energy consuming.

Define clearly how much time you can communicate with patients without serious losses for your mental health, to what extent are capable of directing its behavior.Depending on this Involve outside help or are looking for other ways to solve everyday situations.

Consult a qualified person about mental illness.

all mental illnesses have their own specifics, which you know is important.You will receive additional information and extra ways to control the situation, if the specialist will tell about the prognosis of the disease, its course and other features.Also, you will be warned about the surprises, which should be ready and your behavior strategies that will help to remove many tense moments.Sometimes, these strategies may seem strange to us from the ordinary point of view, but they can be most effective in dealing with people with mental disabilities.

It is important to change your attitude to the mentally ill person.

It is a natural reaction, which appears in the majority of people at the beginning of the contact with the mentally ill - it's a shock and stress.Severe irritation may accompany such communication for a long time.It is important to give yourself time to go through this stress.Do not refuse to help themselves, which could have qualified in this difficult time.For you, this period may be more severe than for the mentally ill person, with which we maintain relations.

It is very important to the proper attitude to the patient.The fact that he behaves or something does not understand cause severe irritation.While this may be a consequence of the disease, not the ill will of man.It is very difficult to accept this fact, as we have the habit requires a mentally ill person is normal and correct behavior.Our anger, though justifiable, takes a lot of energy and makes the situation much more difficult than it actually is.

Find a way to fully accept inappropriate behavior as a given, without evaluation.Thus it may well you do not like, but it is impossible to treat the mentally ill person as a healthy, which behaves properly.

If it is possible to achieve such a relationship, the situation becomes much easier.

this may help clarify specialist mental illness and psychological counseling to rethink its attitude to the patient.

Communicating with a person with mental disorder can be a serious challenge.If you can not avoid this kind of communication, it is possible to make it, if not pleasant, at least less stressful and emotionally costly.