As shown addictive behavior

Addictive behavior is a deviation is manifested in the fact that a person experiences a compulsive need to perform some action again and again, to use a substance or permanently communicate with some man.Man depends on these actions asthey give him a short-term emotions of joy, and then he returns to the real world, from which he tried to escape.Dependent people are so tied to certain activities that are often not able to stop her own to deal with.

about addictive behavior can talk when addiction has become a painful character.It is accompanied by a loss of self-control, fixation on the subject of addiction, mental, or self-destruction of the biological, social maladjustment, negation as a form of psychological defense.

to addict characterized improper vopriyatie reality and responding to it, low self-esteem, difficulties with the realization of their emotions, feelings of anxiety and shame / guilt, inability to cope with life's challenges and take care of themselves, inability to build a full-fledged relations with loved ones and society, psychosomatic disorders.At the physiological level may occur colitis, peptic ulcer disease, cardiopsychoneurosis, metabolic disorders, headaches, tachycardia, arrhythmia, asthma, etc.

Types of addictive behavior

For non-chemical addictions include: internet addiction, gambling (gambling), workaholism, shopogolizm, relationship addiction (codependency), sex and love addiction, bigotry, etc.Chemical addiction - is alcoholism, substance abuse and drug addiction.For the intermediate group that combines the characteristics of the first two, are addictive addictive overeating and fasting.

form of addiction can take, including acceptable and even approves public activities such as extreme sports, workaholism, creativity, meditation, striving constantly to be with the object of his love.Psychological dependence is enhanced by increasing the production of hormones of joy and pleasure during a particular session.Man wants to experience this state of elevated again and again, especially if the rest of the reality seems to him joyless and unsatisfying.

Prone to addictions people easily fall into dependency on drugs, sedatives, alcohol.One dependence they may flow to another, and there may be several simultaneously.So, lost his job workaholic can become an alcoholic and a man with a love relationship can have eating disorders (overeating or starvation) or a passion for shopping.