What is considered food addiction

overeat, tempted by delicious dishes, standing on the holiday table, or buy a bucket of ice cream and thought, eat it alone, it happened to many.If these are isolated cases, after which you return to the usual diet for you, and you do not suffer from excess weight, worry about.But if you regularly eat excessively, even when not hungry, your body mass index is growing steadily.And you want to change something, but all attempts to end in tears, and eating another cake for you food, apparently, has become a drug.

Why do people become dependent on food

After eating the body produced endorphins - compounds that affect the emotional state.They bring a sense of joy and happiness, a feeling that everything is done correctly.Until recently, food was in short supply, so this helped encourage people to eat better and therefore have a better chance to survive.Today, the once-useful acquisition often leads to food addiction, pushing people to seek pleasure in food.To get rid of this addiction have to work hard.

As a "get down" with food

delicious food often seize the problem, because that's when most strongly felt the lack of positive emotions.No matter how difficult, will have to cope with difficulties without replenishment from the side.Find out what is the source of your dissatisfaction, and find other ways to solve problems.It is much more effective to talk frankly with her husband to change jobs than there are even more chocolate.

People struggling with his addiction to food, often fall into another addiction - alcohol or drug.To your good intentions do not lead you where you do not need, figure out what you will be able to fill the vacant place in life, and where to get the necessary endorphins.For example, exercise causes the body hormonal similar reaction but with positive effect on the figure.

met with friends, you go to a cafe to eat at the cake and an evening with your loved one spend for eating pizza and watching TV series?To get rid of addiction, you have to find new ways of entertainment.Meet up with friends at the water park, go for a walk with your partner on a romantic place in your city.Find alternative sources of joy, and the need for a huge amount of food will disappear.