important to realize that the phobia - this is the fear of a specific event.At the same time there are so many fears, and to classify them is almost impossible.As they say, how many people, so many phobias.However, the manifestation of such states in almost all individuals the same: increased sweating, palpitations, shortness of breath, confusion breath.That is quite understandable from a scientific point of view - almost all phobia provoking disorder of the autonomic nervous system, and in some situations can be observed organic brain damage.
According to psychologists, most phobias comes in adult life from childhood.This is usually some sort of shocking phenomenon that has caused some trauma.As a result, the individual is afraid of a repetition of these events, and in the event of threats fear becomes uncontrollable.
Another factor influencing the emergence of phobias in humans - heredity.Scientists have shown that parents who have mentally unstable and unable to control their emotions, are often transmitted this tendency to their children.
Sometimes the cause of obsessive-compulsive disorder is increased anxiety, which eventually brings the nervous system out of balance, and contributes to a negative perception of the world.
Sometimes the cause of phobias are complex because of external imperfections.For example, people suffering from disorders of the vestibular apparatus, has the uncertainty in this regard, the fear gradually develops into a panic and subsequently becomes a phobia.
Similarly, people who have got into some awkward situations, will recall with a shudder the hearts of those moments when laugh at them, and try to do everything possible to avoid something like this.Here we can talk even about some places or objects of the material world, one way or another associated with those events.
also obsessive fear is usually subject to the sensitive and emotional people.They are more prone to develop phobias than individuals with stable psyche.
phobias often occur in people with a very rich imagination, because sometimes they simply can not distinguish between real life fictional.In most cases, people are afraid of what is not: imaginary creatures, events or situations.