Phobias - is resistant obsessive fear, which is intensely manifested, but not rational, becauseIt has no connection with the actual situation, but only a perception.There are many types of obsessive-compulsive disorder.For example, phobias, agoraphobia associated with open or closed.Quite a large percentage of fears make all sorts of social phobia, such as fear of ridicule, public speaking, fear of blushing, to talk to a stranger, to lose a loved one or loved one, etc.
Under the influence of public opinion can be formed fear of contracting an incurable disease such as cancer or AIDS (nozofobiya).Older people or those who are engaged in hazardous work life for fear of death is not uncommon (thanatophobia).For serious psychological and sometimes physical suffering cause sexual phobias, such as fear of defloration, impotence, and other intimate penetration.Fear of harm loved ones or themselves often inherent in one of the family members who are oppressed and suppressed for a long time.
¬ęContrast" phobia are afraid to commit an act condemned in a particular place or society, which will expose a person in a bad light.Sometimes it happens that a person is afraid to be afraid of their own actions, and does not know what exactly and why.This so-called phobias phobias.
We could not focus on a variety of obsessive-compulsive disorder, if not panic attacks, they are often accompanied.This heart palpitations and shortness of breath, which can lead to both heart attack and asphyxia, if they are not blocked.
If you experience such feelings, and you have flashed the idea that the cause of your fear is not a real event (running at you mad dog, car, moved the road at high speed to disrupt the lift), andhypothetical possibility that something goes wrong, for you have a few simple rules.
In the case of an attack of panic attack, makes a strong short breaths nose and slowly exhale mouth for at least 8-10 times.So you will be able to bounce back and appreciate the real danger, and then proceed as required.
In some cases, in the fight against terror makes use of art therapy.For example, draw your own on paper or title page notebook.Speak what you portray at least to himself.Then, burn or rip your "monster" (destroy any desired method).After that, you will feel a lot happier.
radical methods to deal with their phobias - is to go to meet them.For example, do some rock climbing or a trip to the glider, if you are afraid of heights;occasionally stay in the dark, if it - your "demon";Become a fireman and save people from the fire, if you are afraid of fire.
If cope with fears fails, but you feel that they interfere with you to turn to professionals who will have more detail to understand the causes of your obsessions, becausethey are often the tip of the iceberg and have deep roots.