Buy beauty quickly and inexpensively?Easy

cosmetic surgery these days almost as easily as a haircut in the barber shop.It ceased to be the prerogative of the wealthy, the prices of services have become available for the middle class.Women, driven by patterns of beauty and fleeting youth, fall under the knife of a plastic surgeon, not really thinking about the possible troubles, and more hoping that the magic come true.But not all so simple.The vast number of operations fails, or much later found unexpected consequences.

Why ladies become hostages of plastic surgery?

This is a common psychological dependence, reflected in the fact that the world is in such people is narrowed to the framework only physical beauty.Man constantly finds the flaws and strives for perfection.Personality and inner world fade into the background, or cease to exist.

How to deal with

obsessed with plastics woman must destroy the framework within which it exists: to try to find a hobby to switch itself on a more productive and interesting activities;try to reduce the influence of the "glossy beauty" on the psyche, for example, to replace the usual magazines more entertaining literature;change the social circle in which you can be distracted by other issues.And, of course, the best alternative to plastic surgery - sports.In many cases, due to the exercise of a scalpel can be avoided.The fact is that beginners fitness necessary to wait for effect, and ladies want to look beautiful and slim as possible.Very easy to pump oil with the help of liposuction, however, because the elasticity of the muscles in such a way pridash.

Important Tips

Few operations, even simple at first glance, have consequences.Braces attenuate skin gels can "sail" from his place to another, and silicone implants - not stuck.The professionalism of doctors is no less doubt clinics are mushrooming, but the quality was not increased in a progression.We all grow old sooner or later, and it will be seen how many operations did not.It is better to love yourself with all faults, start to enjoy every day, not to think that the young leaves, but it will come wisdom.The energy and light that you radiate will act better than any surgical procedures.