See which aims view interlocutor during conversation.If the up and right - a man really remembers the events, up and to the left - it tells you about the invented facts.Look leftward, it says that the interlocutor is difficult to find the words, and if he looks right - so recalls heard before.Down and to the left while talking watching people, immersed in their own feelings and experiences, down and right - leading internal dialogue with himself (left-handed right and left are reversed).
Note, looking whether the interlocutor in the eye.Inexperienced liars often look away, turn away or cover their eyes with his hand.Skilled - able to stare into the eyes of the victim, but they can give frequent blinking.
estimate the size of the pupils of the interlocutor.Advanced - a reaction to the true words, the restriction - a lie.This is due to the fact that the body begins to produce wrong speaker specific chemical compounds that affect pupil size.Because of this, by the way, the liar may still scratching the nose or ear.
Observe how correlated view of the interlocutor with his words.If a person is sincerely pleased, experiences, surprises and so on, these emotions are very clearly reflected in his eyes.We believe a liar or does not express any emotions, any of these manifestations is significantly delayed.