man who changes women as gloves exhibit increased interest in sex.In fact, he likes all women in the world, but he does not like any of them.Womanizer is in constant creative search, quickly falls in love with the girl, but quickly gives up on it and loses all interest in further development of relations.

womanizer by nature endowed with the qualities of romance and idealist.First, he is a banal feature of the new acquaintance readily sees something beautiful, but soon notices her imperfections in other aspects of life, and his feeling of cool.Womanizer, not noticing their shortcomings, unwilling to put up with other people's flaws and begin a new search, hoping to find his ideal.

Don Juan

Men who change women as gloves often called Don Juan.They can not tolerate the stability and uniformity in personal relationships, and start dating the sole purpose of entertainment.They are aware of their nature, preferring a passion for change, therefore, have no interest in the study of personality traits familiar.Don Juans, knowing that tomorrow will be looking for a new "victim" does not even remember the last name.

However, some of them, on the contrary, are characterized by the need for self-assertion, and they do not find anything better for this purpose is to keep statistics of their adventures, capturing the list of names.They believe that the number of women defeated raises their credibility in the eyes of others.As a rule, among their close associates are friends with similar views, so that all ambitions are reduced to competing for Statistics.Sincere feelings of these people are not peculiar, they are interested in excitement and entertainment.Don Juans - it adventurers who have no moral values.

Lovelace Lovelace also change their women quite quickly.Yet it is not so fast and quickly, as is the case with Don Juan and womanizer.Because Lovelace attracted not a quantitative result, but the process of achieving the goal.They like to flirt and play, they want to charm him his new passion.The end result is nice to see them love.For them it is a direct proof of their acting talent and personal unbeatable.Love and honor a very warm soul Lovelace, because they love to be the center of attention.Lovelace generous with compliments, polite and attentive.

essentially a deceiver - frustrated actor and romantic: he likes the process of setting the script and dramatic play, but as soon as she finally falls in love with him, he is aware of the inevitability of the final.The game ends when the victory is gained.Despite the fact that the lady's man can experience a warm relationship to his passion, he is forced to part with it, as he was waiting for a new role.