you need
  • - qualified psychiatrist;
  • - computer games;
  • - simulated situation.
It should prepare for the fight with his fear will be a long time.Quickly psychological problems and dependence are not treated.However, it is still worth it to decide, asthen it becomes much easier to live.
First you need to choose a good therapist to help you cope with phobias.With due his professionalism result you will feel immediately.
At the beginning of the treatment is to find out what kind of phobia you suffer.There are several different types of vertigo.It is congenital and acquired.
Congenital acrophobia is a fairly serious case becauseit is amenable to cure difficult.It is believed that the cause of this fear is a genetic memory.This refers to the memory of the soul.For example, in a previous life man died after falling from a height, and the new life he will try to get round the mountains and skyscrapers.
Acquired acrophobia better treatable sinceIt has a real basis for them.For example, the worst children's story, heard at a tender age, seen at the height of the incident, etc.
To get rid of the fear of heights, you need to understand where the roots of the problem.And determine when exactly did your fear.After all, some people are afraid of heights, just jumping.And others can safely tolerate a height of several meters.
Next is spread out on your own constituents.It is enough to imagine a situation in which you are very afraid.For example, you are standing on the edge of the mountain plateau.Disassemble all of the details - that scares and what is not, why are you afraid of how close you could walk up to the edge, etc.So you can determine what causes you the most powerful emotions of fear.
In treating fear of heights, you can resort to the help of computer games.An excellent option would be different simulators, in which the character has to run on the roofs of skyscrapers, or perform tasks in mountainous areas.Sometimes it is recommended to use and cinema.For example, movies with scenes of aircraft.
Try to use the technique of "like cures like."Join the section of climbing to climbers visit the amusement park.However, in trying to overcome your fear is not necessary to immediately throw without looking at all risky zone.Do not forget about the preparatory work, since safety - first and foremost.
most daring can take advantage of a parachute jump as a means of getting rid of the phobia.This method will give a huge amount of adrenaline and help get rid of the fear of heights once and for all.