How can often remember proverbs and sayings of the wise use of silence."The word - silver, silence - gold", "A person is not in vain two ears and only one mouth", "Chatterbox - a godsend for a spy," etc.We have to learn restraint.Of course, this is not easy, especially for communicative, emotional people.They literally "bursting" the desire to talk, and almost any topic, even one in which they do not understand.Nevertheless, we have to work on yourself.
There are appropriate methods of self-hypnosis.Try to remember instances when you are irritated by some indefatigable talker, who was carrying a very real nonsense.Just think, in the eyes of other people, and you can look that way talker.Hold the temptation to justify himself, saying: "But he was talking nonsense, but I can only speak wise words!" Believe me, it happens not always.
Learn how to conduct a dialogue with himself.Many people are overly talkative, precisely because they can not keep the information "in itself", for them it is just torture.If you do not have a number of people, can speak out, it is better - in a low voice.
If you are in the company, and irresistibly want to intervene in the conversation, to express their views, try to at least part of his remarks to say mentally.Believe me, this is not an indicator of mental abnormalities as many mistakenly believe.
Try to find a hobby for everyone.Why do so many talkative irrepressible grandmother of the pensioner, for example?Simply they had a lot of free time, they do not know what to do.When a person does something (especially if this activity requires attention, concentration), it is simply no time to shoot the breeze.He works his hands and head, and not the language .