The recent increase in cases of violence school.It is very rare that such facts swim outside, most kids just hoard all the wrongs done to them in the walls of the institution.And what to say, even if their parents the opportunity to end this nightmare, children do not believe.
The worst thing is that many parents simply do not take the problem of their children seriously.Some believe that this is just childish pranks that will soon pass.Others are trying to instill in his son the desire to win, courage and ability to stand up for themselves.A third and did not have enough time for their child.
In order to get rid of violence in school is necessary at the outset to instill confidence in the child to his parents.You must ensure that your son or daughter could come and tell him about all the disturbing things.Let it will seem petty and insignificant, but ... But you have to remember that a child lives in a tiny world in which even small problems become a great sorrow.
Indifference of parents can significantly undermine the child's mind, self-confidence, etc.Also it is necessary to forget about a very strong care that turns the child into "nurse", as he is in the school without loving mom, alone with their peers and older pupils.When a child commits a minor infraction should not use too strong a word (eg, worthless, stupid, etc), otherwise it will lose faith in themselves and easily become a victim of school showdown.
But do not forget that stronger emotionally children may harbor deep resentment toward their parents.Unable to get their attention and get even a drop of love, they begin to terrorize weaker students, thus proving their superiority.
And remember one simple thing - to get rid of violence can only be believed in the strength of your child and make him believe it.Do not try to make a scandal at the school or the showdown with the other disciples.Of course, you are an adult, and every high school student will become like an innocent lamb after a good thrashing.But soon you will leave again, and your child will have to decide is already new, more serious problems alone ...