Why is there a phobia

all fears, non-self-preservation instinct, called abnormal, that is, phobias.They arise for various reasons, for example because of childhood stress or ordinary "wrap" themselves negative thoughts or memories about a certain subject.In general, the causes of phobias are poorly studied, but some patterns you can select all:

1.Strahi associated with childhood.For example, fear of the dark, heights, or water alone.Up to a certain age, the presence of such fears is normal, but if people continue to suffer and the children's fears in adulthood, it is worth considering.

2. Phobias often occur in people with weak mentality, increased hostility and aggression.

3. Another possible reason is komformizm some people.That is, a person amenable to the opinion of the majority or the other person that something to be feared, for example, spiders, graveyards, and other air travel.

4. The desire to attract attention, too often becomes a cause of phobias.In most cases, the disease therefore occur in women and children.

How should I deal with phobias Phobias

there are many, sometimes reaches the point of absurdity.For example, there are people who are afraid of long words, some plants, rain, snow or sun.And there are phobias that do not allow you to perform important actions and fill the necessities of life - fear of food, diseases, people, work, and more.Clearly, in such situations to call a doctor, however, if the phobia is not as absurd and not at the stage, you have the ability to recover from her own.

first step is to get rid of negative thoughts and learn how to turn them into positive ones.Once you master the fear of the terrible events that can or should happen, try to think of something good and pleasant.

The next thing you need to do - stop avoiding your fear.you should meet with him face to face.Often people who are afraid of the dark, leave all the lights on.And if a person is afraid of enclosed space, it will never take the elevator.This is wrong, and to solve the problem you need to learn how to cope with stressful situations.Many people say that it helps to read or sing, some are beginning to read or talk loudly.The main thing - to see to it that your breathing was steady and deep.

So, overcoming his fear several times, you will realize that this is not so difficult.And soon your phobia will disappear forever.Then you can get more out of life with joy and pleasure, and will be confident in any situation.