Something is missing

Even for an adult is a normal desire to take part in the game.However, the whole to be a measure.Gamblers can spend days on end in the virtual space, losing track of time, money spent and lost profit.However, their irresponsibility can cause coma growing problem, which sooner or later will have to decide.

So people do not have enough thrills and they begin to play the machines, underground casinos or computer games.One gets the impression that they did not have time enough of a child and seek to fill gaps.

In fact, in severe cases, a person "addictive gambling" when it is prone to depression: there is a series of troubles, and a broken person loses the will to resist and the meaning of their existence.In another, simpler version of the man originally brought up quite childish - no initiative and not independent.He has problems with the structuring of the time he does not know what he can do, do not like to work, and there are no stable interests and hobbies.In short, there is no inner harmony of the individual and there is a need to find at least something interesting.

In the first stage, a person interested in a particular game and not feel a sense of dependence.His passion is selective and appears from time to time.Man thinks that he can during the stop.At this stage, the passion - the man is how to get rid of boredom and loneliness, as well as away from unresolved issues.

depending on the game

The basis of gambling is the desire for personal dissatisfaction with the man, but by playing it seeks to virtually realize their need for a sense of self-worth.Psychologists point out the similarities and the principles of dependence at gamers with alcoholics and drug addicts.A person who is not able to meet the challenges of destiny and solve their own problems tend to run away from them.Alcoholic seeks solace in booze, addict psychotropic drugs, and gamers in virtual reality.

Despite the subconscious understanding of the meaninglessness of the game, people spend all their time and funds to continue the negative passions.He arranges a similar withdrawal from the real problems, because only in the game, he feels like a hero.Formed a desire to hide his passion from relatives and friends, which grows over time in the habit of lying about and no reason.The player does not recognize their addiction and states that at any time can easily be done with it enthusiastically.However, this time not a long time coming.

So people gradually lose life values ​​and orientations, he lost the will to fight.In his heart he - the player, and actually drifting.This is accompanied by low mood, it disappears interest in active participation in family life and society and, later, any social activity.In everyday life, it shows apathy, uncertainty and increased anxiety.