you need
  • - courage;
  • - the desire;
  • - the concentration;
  • - a possible source of the phobia.
Take for yourself a rule that in fact neither of which are not only afraid of the mentally ill people.Every individual has adequate your own.There are people who are afraid of cats, but there are those who are terrified of heights and confined spaces.Nature gave man this unpleasant feeling in order to protect him from danger.And if you think phobia fear of downhill skiing on a steep slope, then to deal with it is not necessarily.
Think and make a list of your most important "horror".For most people, the fear is expressed in fear of the dark, dead, indoors, suspense, etc.If your fear arises from unreasonable reason, such person must pborot phobia or even treated by a specialist.
fear - this is primarily a specific product of the human mind.It is always subjective, and it means that other people may simply not exist.Encounter deliberately with the source of your phobia if it does not threaten you real danger.There are diseases that are treated only by surgery.If you are afraid of the dark, search yourself and spend it the n-Noe number of times.Only when the mind will receive a package that your terror is vain and does not involve the occurrence of danger, you'll be able to cope with fear.