Technological advances that began in the 19-20 centuries, is now brought to the fact that everything is updated too fast.The newly released gadgets become obsolete before our eyes, there are more modern and fast computers, cars, appliances.Consumer society and technological progress make people get involved in this race, now the self-esteem of man often depends on more modern gadget in his pocket.Provoking regular purchases and replacement of the old to the new forces companies to update its range with rapid speed, as people rush to make as much money for the next purchase.

Jobs Companies

Hence the second reason for the life of haste: in pursuit of quick profits the company encouraged job spirited businessmen, who quickly stacked with cases, carry out transactions quickly say and think.They are smiling, adventurous, active and very fast.This pattern of behavior becomes a model of all other employees, such people quickly promoted and encouraged.Naturally, this particular behaviors employers want to follow and subordinates.To keep on working nice taciturn Tikhonov, who has long dealt with the documents and slow?In the vast majority of modern companies such behavior is unacceptable.

vicious circle haste

Modern man spends on his work a lot of time, and the possibility of a big city provide him with many temptations.Such a person not only wants to work all day, but in time and have some fun in the evening.Hence, too, the habit is taken hurry: go quickly to work through the city quickly find entertainment or remake of the house, eat fast food, but in the morning, no time after a night get-togethers, quickly fly to the office.Break out of this circle is almost impossible, especially when this way of life has become a habit.It involved not only the size of modern cities in which to spend a huge amount of time for the trip home from work, but also the problem of poor distribution, the majority of the population.

This situation is also encouraged by the mass hysteria in the style of "life is short, take your time to live!" But in fact it is impossible to live in a constant rush, this unnatural state of nature and man.Therefore, the present awareness of each moment of life will not come in thinking about how to get it all done, and in peace and quiet, alone with family or people.