When to start dog training

achieve the desired result, you can quickly, if done daily sessions, following a certain procedure.You must be patient, how to train your dog so it is very difficult.The most appropriate time of training teams - 8-12 weeks from birth.The first classes should be carried out every day for 10 minutes.You can take short breaks.

Education First team

first call sign, which is necessary to introduce a puppy: "To me!", "Place!".The owner must pronounce them commanding voice to interest pet.After correct execution must follow the promotion of strokes, the word "good" or goodies.Teaching the word "place" must be accompanied by showing the very habitat.It must be a litter or a mat to which the dog gets used over time.

command "To me" is repeated with the nickname.If the dog is very slow, you need to run off back, it will accelerate its movement.Violent acts are not acceptable here, they can just shake the nervous system of the animal.Before training zakarmlivat do not need a dog, it would be better to let a little bit hungry.

In two months you can already go to a new team, "Sit."We need to take the treat, he called pet goodies raise to such a height that the dog saw them just sitting.When the pet sit down, you need to file a loud command "Sit" and feed.If the dog does not want to sit down, it can be a little push.The command "Down" is supplied from a sitting position.At first, you need to keep the dog's shoulder and push forward the front legs, and the repeat command, and do not forget to encourage.The command "Stand" trains from a prone position.The animal should be followed for the belly and lift his feet, giving the appropriate command.

in three months has produced a skill to go next to the master.For these objectives, a short lead.Walk the dog must be on the left side of the man.During the movement, when the dog is removed, it is necessary to command "Next" to tighten the leash, then weaken it to the dog to move freely.Repeat the action, when the animal is removed.

need for timely training

If the owner has not started training up to a year, as a result, you can get a completely uncontrollable animal.Of course you can take your pet and after a year, but given the training will be more difficult.Foregoing the teams actually learn at home on their own.But to pass a more complicated course of training will only experienced instructor.