Prepare sticks for cleaning the ears, cotton swab or a disk (depending on the size of the ear).Choose a time when the dog is calm, and you will not need to hurry.Have someone help you hold the puppy.Before you begin cleaning, massage baby ears to make sure it feels comfortable.
how to clean a small kitten ears
Do not dry clean the ears with cotton or a stick - you can injure the skin of the ear.Take advantage of special veterinary drugs, or vegetable oil.Make sure that the pad was not too wet - from it must not drain the fluid.
how to wash a cat in a basin
To fix the dog's head, gently holding her under the neck and push her head to his chest.You can swaddle little dog in a towel.
how to clean the dog
Bend the ear to the side and start gently wipe the inside of him, moving slowly up and down.Proceed very gently - the puppy will experience less discomfort during the first cleaning, the better he will apply to this procedure in the future.Clean only the visible part of the ear.Penetrates the ear canals is not necessary.
be sure to brush your teeth York
soothing puppy during cleaning.Talk to him gently and quietly.Be prepared for the fact that he tries to resist.With all of your accuracy in any case it will be unpleasant.If he wants to shake his head after cleaning, do not disturb him - perhaps in the ears hit some liquid.It would be better if the dog is her shake out.After graduating from the cleaning, praise the puppy, give him a treat.
how to brush your teeth dog