Be prepared to shampoo.Take a thick towel, because after bathing the kitten may start to scratch, and it will protect you from its sharp little claws.In order not to injure the skin of a kitten, it is best to wash it by special shampoo for kittens.Not only does it save the baby from the mud, but the hair and make it soft and silky.
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The room temperature should be at least + 22 ° C, little kitten is very susceptible to hypothermia and can easily catch a cold.
Take a small bowl.Type in a warm water so that its level reached up to his chest kitten.At the bottom of the basin put some rubberized mat or towel.This is necessary to ensure that the baby legs do not slide along the bottom while swimming.
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Bathe the kitten no earlier than three hours after a meal.Animals with a full stomach swim will bring pleasure and can cause digestive problems.
eve water treatments trim the kitten claws.Plug his ears with cotton swabs to avoid the ingress of water.
Remember that the process of swimming to be friendly.Do not make sudden movements, even if they are soft and confident.Praise your baby while bathing, talk to him and call him by his name.
Put the kitten in a basin with water, soak the coat, apply a little shampoo on the back and stomach.Gently lather his careful movements.Do not forget that the shampoo has the ability to much foam.Do not use it too much, because then it will be very difficult to wash off the foam.Be careful and make sure that no water gets into the eyes of your pet.
Then immediately rinse shampoo, do it in a few waters.To accelerate the process you can use the shower hose with low water pressure.Just do not scare the kitten with a strong jet noise and soul.
Remove the kitten from the basin and wrap a towel to remove excess water.If you then want to transfer the baby in the other room, make sure there are no heat and drafts.