Refer to the veterinarian if you notice any deviations in the health of the cat.Mucus from the nose can testify not only about the banal colds, but also more serious diseases.
Rinse the dog
doctor will examine your pet and take tests.After that, prescribe treatment, which will include not only the administration of drugs, but the nose and washing , if breathing in cats is difficult.All drugs you can buy in a veterinary pharmacy.Follow the general regulations.But if tablets and suspensions are all more or less clear, then wash out a nose a little more complicated.
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Prepare a saline solution for rinsing, it must be at room temperature.Use brine impossible, as it contains iodine, which can trigger the development of allergy and mucosal edema.
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Remove the needle from the syringe, or use for washing normal pipette.Dial the solution in advance, and only then take the animal to hand.
how to treat a cat
If you have a quiet cat, then put it on his knees and, holding slightly, her nose drip.Suffice it to about 0, a solution of 5 mg per nostril.If the animal begins to worry, ask someone to hold him.Try not to scare your pet, so as not to injure his psyche.
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Wash Cochet us about 3 times a day.When times get better, carry out the procedure only in the evening hours.On average rhinitis in an animal host after 4-6 days.If no improvement is observed, once again visit the veterinary clinic and consult your doctor.
Remove the remaining moisture from the nose animal, soaked it clean handkerchief.