Tip 1: How to treat the diseased liver of a dog

liver - the body involved in all vital processes.It helps to purify the blood, remove the body of harmful substances is involved in digestion.Because of their participation in various functions of the body, this body is capable of being subjected to a variety of diseases.Studies show that about 3% of diseases in dogs associated with the work of the liver.

Liver Disease in Dogs: Causes

liver performs many functions and interacts with the various processes that occur in the body of the dog.Therefore, this body is exposed to the negative impact of various factors, among which stands out the following:
- a bacterial infection;
- an unhealthy diet;
- drugs;
- injury;
- abuse of vaccination;
- harmful environmental substances.

Symptoms of liver disease in dogs:

- loss of appetite and recurrent vomiting, diarrhea or constipation;
- frequent urination and excessive thirst;
- chronic weight loss;
- lethargy, and decreased activity;
- swollen belly due to fluid accumulation;
- yellow color of the eyeballs and gums;
- abdominal pain;
- changes in behavior, such as walking and circling aimlessly;
- orange urine due to increased bilirubin level, because the bile is not properly processed;
- feces are pale gray.

Liver Disease in Dogs: Treatment

Although the symptoms of liver disease are small, early treatment could save a dog's life, because the liver - the only organ that is capable of complete regeneration.At the first suspicions of animal health problems should seek help from a qualified veterinarian.

change in nutrition education should provide energy and nutrients that are needed to improve the regeneration of liver cells.The food diet consists of digestible carbohydrates, such as rice.Additionally, eggs are required.For dogs that eat dry food, it is better to give special dietary food.Daily ration should be divided into 4-6 small portions.

Since the functions of the liver is the splitting of complex chemicals to reduce the load on it will allow reducing consumption of chemical preservatives and artificial additives.From the power of the dog suffering from liver disease, to exclude sugar, chocolate, tomatoes and dice.It may be a very useful daily intake of vitamins and mineral supplements.However, it is worth remembering that changes in the dog's diet should be based on the diagnosis, and better to discuss them with your veterinarian.

If liver disease was caused by a bacterial infection, the doctor prescribes antibiotics.If you have more serious problems, such as anemia or cancer, need additional medical care.

Sometimes the treatment of the diseased liver in dogs can also be used homeopathic treatments and herbal therapy.Some natural sources are able to restore the damaged cells of the liver to help detoxify the blood.Hepatitis A water dog is useful to add different infusions and decoctions of herbs - succession, sage leaves, oregano, chamomile, licorice, blueberry.

dogs suffering from liver disease, should maintain a calm and measured way of life, not to overwork and nervous.

For the prevention of liver disease in dogs is necessary to monitor the quality of feed.Animal nutrition should be balanced.

Tip 2: How to treat a diseased liver

healthy liver ensures the normal course of metabolic processes, removal of toxins from the body, accumulation of vitamins, iron and nutrients.It promotes the formation of bile and the digestion of fats.In cases of liver disease, to strengthen it, use the recipes offered by traditional medicine.
How to treat a diseased liver
you need
  • Thistle, marigold flowers, Helichrysum, the stigma of corn, grass nettles, grass knotweed, Juniper, gourd juice, camphor alcohol, willow branches, the roots of dandelion, cabbage pickle, tomatoesSt. John's wort, sweet flag root, centaury herb, celandine.
Consult your doctor and go to the relevant examination.Depending on the diagnosis will be assigned choleretic (increases the secretion of bile), hepatoprotective (improves metabolic processes in the liver) or cholelitolitic (with gallstones) funds.In severe cases may require surgery.
in equal amounts take thistle, marigold flowers and immortelle, nettle grass and maize stigmas.Add to them for half of the grass knotweed and powdered fruits of juniper.2 tablespoons of the mixture boil half a liter of boiling water and leave in a closed thermos overnight.Take three quarter cup for half an hour before a meal three times a day.
fresh gourd juice mixed with a small amount of alcohol camphor and apply on the liver area.
The brew cup of boiling water 20 g of willow branches and simmer on low heat 15-20 minutes.Insist half an hour.Should drink a tablespoon of 5 - 6 times during the day.
pounded root of a dandelion in the amount of a teaspoon, take 3-4 times a day with boiled water.
2 teaspoons flowers Helichrysum brew a cup of boiling water.Continue to simmer on low heat for about an hour.Drink 50 ml.For half an hour before meals three times throughout the day.
half cup of cabbage brine mix with half a glass of fresh tomato juice.Drink third cup after meals three times a day.
40 g of calendula flowers pour a liter of boiling water.Drink throughout the day.
glass of strawberry leaves brew a cup of boiling water and let it brew for about a quarter of an hour.The resulting infusion drink for half a glass a few times throughout the day.
in equal amounts mixed herbs immortelle, St. John's wort and sweet flag root.A tablespoon of the resulting mixture brew in a glass of boiling water and warm up approximately 5 minutes on low heat.Insist half an hour.Strain and drink a glass of half an hour before a meal 3 - 4 times a day.
Take 20 g of celandine herbs centaury, and add to it 25 g of dandelion roots.The whole mixture brew 200 ml of boiling water and put on fire, bring to a boil.Keep warm on low heat, for 10 crumple.Remove from heat and leave for half an hour.Strain and drink per day in three divided doses.
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