you need
  • - sharp scissors with rounded tips to cut the umbilical cord;
  • - rubbing alcohol to disinfect the shears;
  • - iodine or brilliant green;
  • - potassium permanganate;
  • - bandage;
  • - thread for ligation of the umbilical cord;
  • - sterile cotton and gauze;
  • - several conventional syringes;
  • - more insulin syringes;
  • - sterile medical gloves;
  • - hydrogen peroxide;
  • - liquid paraffin or "Levomekol";
  • - sterile diapers or towels for wiping newborn puppies;
  • - box for puppies;
  • - box for delivery of the dog;
  • - a small mattress or a warm blanket;
  • - polyethylene film;
  • - clean pillowcase;
  • - warmer;
  • - silk surgical thread, cut into pieces 10-15 cm.
the preparatory stage for childbirth care must be taken to a pregnant dog occurred.It needs to build about a half weeks before the expected date.Generally before labor the dog chooses the appropriate location.However, it needs immediate attention of the owner during the whole process, so it can not be allowed to clog under the bed or to settle in another safe place.
You can place the dog on a mattress, putting it on the floor and covered with a film and a sterile absorbent diapers.But the birth of the dog bed is not suitable, because the owner is distracted for a moment, and it may fall pitomitsy or newly-born puppy, which is fraught with sad consequences.
better to use birth dog box.The latter should be protected from drafts and spacious enough.To place must be easily accessible so that you can provide timely assistance pitomitsy.
addition to the place where will be the process of birth, need to arrange the boxes, which will be the first time the newborn puppies together with his mother.Carton, where kids will live, should have such a size that the dog could easily roll it, stretch in all directions, up to his full height so that at the same place and had puppies.At the same time, the container should not be very big, because in the spacious "den" difficult to maintain optimum temperature.
In the box there should be the top.Instead, the top should throw the diaper and attach it to the cardboard clothespins.Entrance to the "lair" it is desirable to cut at a certain height from the floor, the dog was free to go inside, and her cubs could not crawl out.At the bottom of this box you need to lay a mattress, wrapping it with a plastic bag.The latter, in turn, must be covered with a dense soft pillowcase.
Before the start of delivery in the dog's need to thoroughly wash the abdomen and genitals, cut the hair on the belly and around the loop.If the animal has a beard and long mustache, they also better to cut off that they did not stop cutting the umbilical cord.Long hair on the tail should be bandaged, but not too tight to not interfere with the wool of dogs and puppies.
If you are going to take delivery of a dog at home, or want to help the vet, make sure that your hands are clean and sanitized, and fingernails - cropped.You should wear comfortable clothes that after the birth of the dog, you will not throw a pity.
Births small dogs are often protracted, the animal gets tired, exhausting, she had run out of power.To cheer her pitomitsy, you can drink it during childbirth sweet tea.
best to agree in advance to the veterinarian, who will be able to come to you in an emergency, when suddenly the dog will birth complications.Remember: attendance at birth may require any dog.In particular, the risk of complicated births increased in pets, which belong to the small breed or give birth for the first time.
After birth, the dog should be a few hours to relax.No need to immediately begin to enjoy newfound offspring and call all the relatives to show puppies.All this can be done later.