knowledge of the intricacies of the flow of puberty can help pinpoint a pet readiness for mating.The first estrus in the cat occurs 6-7 months after birth.During this period, it changes the behavior of the animal.The cat starts meowing hysterically, bends the back and raises the top tail, lying on the floor, can be aggressive.Puberty cats accounted for 7-8 months.Males of the tender and fluffy lumps turn into an adult, may mark territory.This period is ideal for cat castration, but not binding, as the reproductive system is still being formed.As is the case in cats.To acquaint a cat with a cat better aged 1.5-2 years.This period is the most favorable because sex partners have already been formed.

Finding a partner for mating

look for the cat for mating is necessary in advance.Suitable candidate can be found at cat shows in clubs.If the owner had originally planned to hold the binding of the ward, you should not abuse drugs, reducing sexual hunt.Improper reception may occur hormonal failure, polycystic develop other diseases.

Preparation for mating

Before viscous cat and cats must undergo a medical examination for the detection of infectious diseases, fungal and viral diseases.Upon detection of worms should follow deworming.Before tupping owners need to cut the claws to their students so that they were unable to hurt the partner.Wash your cat before an important event not to be, so as not to discourage attractive to the cat smell.

Traditionally cat "comes to visit" to the cat in 3-5 days after estrus.In some species ovulation takes place on day 9, so you should consult your veterinarian.On its territory the cat feels more relaxed, and the binding process takes 1-2 days.Cat in the early hours can hide in a corner, to behave aggressively.This is a normal reaction.You have to wait for animals to become accustomed to the unusual situation and sniffed each other.The owner has to take with a bowl for the cat toilet and carrying her, which she could escape.

pairing process

flirting with cat suggests that the cat is ready for mating.Mating lasts only half a minute.At that moment a loud purring cat, and the cat yells, causing release of an egg.A successful outcome within days after fertilization.Mating may be repeated 5-8 times until one of the partners does not get tired, so it's best to leave the cat away for a couple of days.After mating behavior varies pets.The cat rolls on his back on the floor, and the cat goes to a secluded place and diligently licking.