breeding native species of butterflies

Breeding butterflies

Content usual butterflies - the inhabitants of central Russia - do not require you to virtually no cost.To begin, prepare a place where they will live larvae.Suitable aquarium, a plastic container or a conventional three-liter jar.At the bottom, place a paper towel.The prepared container, cover with gauze mesh or cover with holes that caterpillars are not crawled out.Gauze or mesh can be mounted using ordinary gum.

How to know the sex of the butterfly

Zadok ready, you can go in search of larvae.Note caterpillar can not take your hands - you can mash it.It is best to move it along with the leaf on which was found.Do not forget to feed.Each species eats a certain kind of vegetation.Feed your pets leaves of the plants from which you removed them.

How does the butterfly copper-butterfly

caterpillars and feeding the leaves put in the prepared container.Under no circumstances should there be drying or rotting greenery.Periodically spray from gun napkins - it will help to preserve the freshness of the leaves.Daily changing feed greens.It will take a lot becausecaterpillars eat almost continuously.

how to feed butterflies

few days later, they will cease to chew the leaves, some will change color.Coming during pupation.Usually, it takes 2-3 days.

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Well, if you determine in advance what kind of relates to your future butterfly, because the conversion, and sometimes necessary conditions cocoons are different for different species.Generally dolls contained at 26-28 ° C, and the importance of air about 60-80%, so do not forget to moisturize your insectarium.

However, there wintering species.They must provide a "winter" in a freezer at a temperature of 0 to -5 ° C and a constant low humidity.Put in a tight cocoon closing the carton.There also put a piece of wet cotton wool, so that it does not touch the cocoon.Periodically check and gently moisten the cotton wool, so that there was no mold.Place the box in the vegetable compartment.Gradually lower the temperature in the refrigerator."Wintering" should last at least a month.Then gradually begin to raise the temperature.

Development pupae conventional lasts about a week.Pre-set near the cocoon of a small twig, or just hang a strip of toilet paper.The butterfly must hang upside down to dry out its wings and violence.They feed butterflies solution of honey or sugar, fruit juice perespevshih.

on breeding exotic species

Exotic butterflies can also be diluted and contain at home, but here do without the cash outlay will fail.You have to prepare for the insectarium larvae and pupae and the place where then will be your live butterflies.In both cases it is necessary to provide temperature and humidity close to the conditions in the tropics.

For feeding larvae you will have to plant exotic plants - replace them with native species is almost impossible.It is best suited for this purpose, a greenhouse, where it is possible to maintain and butterflies.

Breeding tropical species begins with the acquisition of pupae, which also require monetary investments.Buy cocoons can be through online stores.Today, unless you're a collector, professional breeding of exotic butterflies - reason for preparing a business plan, and a separate large and serious conversation.