rules binding Siamese cats should be every person who is going to raise this breed.To begin to carry out all the necessary vaccinations.The most appropriate age for a Siamese cat - a year and a half.It turns out that by the time they reach one year of age all vaccinations must be made.During the first heat has to be taken care of choosing a cat-producer.But stud at this time to make it is not necessary.Siamese will be very difficult to make future offspring.

necessary to have one partner already had experience in the pairing.Otherwise, it may ignite serious conflict, since Siamese cats differ hot temper.Way better for mating to bring the cat to the cat, and not vice versa.This is due to the fact that the male feels more confident in their territory.But the cat will feel awkward and do not react negatively to the cat.So it made the first mating Siamese cats.

If mating was successful, we can expect offspring.The main signs of pregnancy cats include very sluggish state and a significant improvement in appetite.During pregnancy, the cat should be very well looked after.The truth is in the first month you should not overfeed your cat, and greatly reduce the exercise.Also, in the first month of pregnancy Siamese cats do not need to change the diet, if earlier it was quite diverse.But long walks should be avoided.In the cold season Siamese should be very little happen on the air, so as not to get sick.Cat in any case should not be exposed to rain.Periodically carry any cat to the vet.He must monitor the pregnancy.In the event of any complications professional will take appropriate action.

about for a couple of weeks before the birth cat can be particularly troublesome.Some cats during this time period can fill in completely random places where previously would never have fallen asleep.But much to worry about it not to be.Just a cat looking for a place for future delivery.By the way you can help your favorite pitomitsy and choose the most cozy and warm place.In some cases, the first offspring of Siamese cats may even reach thirteen kittens.But even if such an impressive result will not be, can hope for a big litter in the future.