Giving kittens should be between the ages of 1.5 to 3 months.This is a good age, when they already know how to behave in society, going to the tray, and there alone.Kittens older than three months, it is very difficult to attach.
interviewed their relatives.Did anyone - it is not even furry friend, and they will gladly take it from you.If no one from the family wants to have a kitten, then ask them to mention your kittens when their friends and acquaintances.To find the "good hands" should be connected and your friends too.
Take pictures of all the kittens, along with his mother and separately.Arrange them in a beautiful photo shoot background.Try to keep the kittens in the pictures did not look frightened and disheveled.Let their faces are touching, as if begging to take them.Think
original description to the kittens.There turn them on age, sex, color and skills.You can paint the brief nature of each, so that future owners immediately chose a suitable.If your imagination is not so rich, it is possible to manage the description of qualities.
description and photos need to hang on all new listings that are actively operating in your city.Be sure to include your phone in your ad and your name.
ads can also give the local newspaper;but, most likely, this fee.
in social networks, in which you see yourself, you can also post your ad for the distribution of kittens.There, you will also help your friends, who will promote the advertisement of your friends.
Paper ads also help you in your difficult task.Print more and carry together with glue.Stick them everywhere: around the house, at bus stops, on the notice boards in the pet store (perhaps for a fee) or at work.Periodically update them, because some people have a habit to break off them without cause.
Bird Market - a place where they sell or give the animal.If you have a lot of patience, you should try this option.Praise her kittens, tell them by reaching people.Give mongrel just more difficult than selling thoroughbred.But sooner or later there are people who care about the baby, and they will be able to shelter yourself one lump of happiness.
Shelters - this is probably the last thing that can be offered by pristroystvo kittens.City shelters for cats filled with so much that has not agreed to take to himself a few kittens.In such places, a lot of kids get sick, and often it ends fatally for them.They may agree to help find new owners, but no more.So if your cat gave birth to rely on their own strength and imagination.