Also excellent taste, pork and has many useful properties.Porcine contains the maximum number of valuable protein, iron and minerals, it is easily digested by the human body and extremely tasty.Canned meats and smoked pigs are kept much longer, do not change and do not lose their flavor.Get a good gain in the fattening pigs may be observing simple rules, and paying due attention to each individual from a very early age it.The success of breeding pigs depends on the quality of growing pigs and the correct choice of breed.

How to choose the breed of pigs

When choosing a breed of pigs should take into account the degree to which climate zone they reside.The most optimal for breeding in Russia, the so-called "white pig".It is well developed and provides good gain in any climate, tolerates both cold and summer heat.The second place in popularity is the breed of pigs, bred in Estonia - a "bacon Landrace."

addition, important when choosing a breed of pigs to grow at home and that is what type of product is expected from them.If the "white pig" differs equal to the ratio of meat and fat, then "Landrace" - bacon is meat with a minimum content of greasy layers.

Content of piglets in the first month of life

immediately after farrowing, at least 30 days, the pigs are breastfed and who live together with the sow.Entering special foods are generally not practiced.Upon reaching the age of two weeks the piglets begin to show interest in the sow feed.Since this period they can be prepared for liquid foods based on cow's milk and fodder plant with mineral additives.Trough feeding pigs should always be clean, and feed it fresh.

Growing pigs after weaning

After reaching piglets months of age can stop breastfeeding.With the sow leave only weak and poorly developed individuals.The so-called weaners transferred to a separate clean and dry, well-ventilated but draft-free room.Paul certainly veiled dry straw, waste products and uneaten food regularly cleaned.To set two piglets feeding trough - for water and feed mixtures.Initially feed soaked with water, and then transferred to the adaptation of piglets dry product.Vegetables such as potatoes, pumpkin or squash, are introduced into the diet of pigs gradually.Boil them necessarily, just grind.