Quail - the most precocious and miniature farm birds belonging to the family of the pheasant and chicken to the order.Easy to care for them, allowing people to keep these birds in the villages and in the cities.If properly take care of quail, one female per year will bring up to 300 eggs.
Quail lay eggs almost every day, but to maintain such a high egg production is necessary to fulfill a number of conditions: it is necessary to comply with the optimal temperature and light regimes, as well as feed the birds only a balanced diet, of which must goprotein.But in general, breeding and quail do not require huge costs and will not take much time.
Perepelov contain specially manufactured cells, one wall of which should be made of mesh.The content of these birds at home requires individuals to comply with certain rules.First, once a day quail need to change a diaper, the underlying at the bottom of their cage.Second, adult birds to be fed 2-3 times a day.Thirdly, you should carefully monitor the condition of the water in their drinkers: it should always be there, and be clean.
These birds are kept at a certain temperature conditions: air must be warm to + 20 ° C.The illumination of the cell should be not less than 14 hours a day, but it should be borne in mind that this kind of birds do not like too bright light.Feeding birds to be wet or dry mixed fodder with the addition of twice a week boiled liver.To keep in the home and breeding is best suited breed of Japanese quail.This is the most popular breed these birds bred over several generations.
Content quail in the home is complicated by the fact that the females incubate quite rare in captivity.That is why you need to purchase an incubator for chicks.Usually, by the incubator hatching quail eggs for about 17 days.Youngsters, reached the age of 1 month, seated in the cage for breeding, separated by gender.
Because most species of quail - myasoyaichnye, it is usually young male quail fed on meat (if any extra individual), and quails, females leave to produce a new batch of delicious dietary eggs.Without a doubt, the benefits of keeping and breeding quail in the home is obvious: one adult female eats only 25 g of food per day.