Remember that when breeding dogs this breed is an important criterion of "overgrown" from bald individuals.The fact that the number of fur from Chinese crested may vary from absolutely "naked", with only a small tuft of hair on the tail and a brush to completely overgrown copies.It depends on the hairless gene.Dogs with a lot of wool are not marriage.But you need to decide what kind you want to plant.
how to breed dogs
aware that the hairless gene - dominant, so most likely you will be born naked puppies, if at least one parent is naked.
how to start to breed toy terrier
Pay attention to the characteristics of these dogs, or run the risk of losing future purity of the breed.Chinese crested are wedge-shaped snout, ears, they planted low, if there is a tuft of hair, it is very soft and long enough.
choose a puppy Chinese Crested Dog
Emphasize teeth.Bite the Chinese Crested should be scissor.Hairless dogs have an incomplete set of teeth and fangs protrude have overgrown - all the teeth in place.
What is the good clipper Chinese crested dog
Learn everything possible about the origins of your dog.Be particularly careful to choose the branch.Collect complete information about potential partners.
Prepare a table with characters to describe all of your pets.Also try to keep a card file, which will record all changes.Make a list of traits that are inherited recessive and dominant type.Build a breeding program based on the data obtained.
monitor the growth, condition and mood of pets.Breeding success largely depends on living conditions and comfort for the dogs.Keep exactly the number of dogs that you can just feed, accommodate and give them everything they need.
attend regular veterinarian.Make all the necessary vaccinations and treatments.Do not engage in self-treatment of dogs, if they are sick.It is always best to consult a professional.
Use line breeding to eliminate the shortcomings.At the same time, it is desirable to plant at least two lines, they will complement each other from time to time.Also, you must be a third line for outcrossing.