Pregnancy in mares usually lasts about 342 days, or about 11 months.But do not rely strictly on the calendar.In general, pregnancy is considered full-term, if the birth came in the range from 321 to 365 days from the date coverage mare stallion.
In the last days before the birth mare needs attention from the owner.Careful care of hooves, a sufficient amount of healthy food and an easy walk to help her stay healthy and gain strength needed for this complex case.During pregnancy, you need to instill a mare from herpes.On the one hand, such a vaccination would be the prevention of miscarriage, the other will go to -virusnye antibodies and mare's milk, becoming a reliable protection for the foal in the first weeks of his life.
2-4 weeks before the birth the udder will start to increase in size.Genitals are increasing, and just before the foal from the nipple may begin spontaneous release colostrum.The animal becomes restless, there comes a time of immediate preparation for childbirth.
Births mare can be divided into 3 periods.The first one is characterized by the appearance of fights.A horse can start to get nervous, and her behavior becomes similar to what occurs in the animal's stomach for colic.Mare constantly turns to belly touches restless legs, begins to sweat, may from time to defecate in small portions.
second phase - the birth of a foal direct - lasts about 30 minutes.The mare lies down, becoming noticeably stronger contraction of the abdomen.If within half an hour baby still in the womb, it is necessary to immediately invite a veterinarian to determine the possibility of the wrong position of the fetus.The first are born front legs, with one claw slightly overlaps another.Next Exit nose, head, neck and shoulders.If the sequence of the appearance of the body deviates from the normal, is also a cause for immediate intervention specialist.Before we are born hind legs may break the umbilical cord, the phenomenon is quite normal.If the umbilical cord is cut short, the mare herself her snack at the right time, should not interfere in this process.The only thing that should take care - to disinfect the umbilical stump within 24 hours after birth to prevent infection of accession.If you muzzle the kid is still covered with a bubble, you must break it to the foal suffocated.Remains bladder remove the mother while licking cub.
third phase of labor in the mare is characterized by the expulsion of the placenta, and can last from 1 to 2 hours.If after 3 hours and nothing happens, you need to show a horse veterinarian.Born afterbirth should immediately shift into a bucket and walk away from the paddock to the mare was not eaten.
newborn needs for the first hour climb on foot, and no later than 2-3 hours after delivery to start drinking milk from the udder of the mother.During the first day the foal must move meconium.If the baby makes an effort, shaking his head, but he could not squeeze anything out of himself, he needs a specialist examination.Any deviation from the norm should be a cause for concern and possible action.