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equine color is the most diverse: the nightingale, and dun, and sheep, and the bay.But the most valuable and rare considered isabella.

In combination with valuable breed of horse isabella suit can be a real living treasure.Given the rarity of such an unusual suit and the extraordinary complexity of elimination, you can find isabella horse stables only true lovers and connoisseurs of these animals.

prices isabella color is not fixed, but given their rarity and the highest requests of owners buy such a horse can cost a fortune.

Royal color

isabella color often also called creamy and obviously because of the creamy soft silky six.There is another feature isabella horses.Unlike their relatives any other color, with gray skin only, isabella and cream have a pale pink skin, which is considered one of the main features, as well as their unique blue eyes.

Also true isabella color, extremely highly valued and white horse with green eyes as a very rare combination.But the main advantage of isabella suit is not even an amazing color, fantastic, changeable luster peculiar only to them.

Depending on the lighting, wool isabella horse begins to cast the silver, the delicate milk, the incredible pinkish tinge.In all of this we never found this a truly royal suit with impurities of other colors.That is, it is all completely covered with a uniform, one-color coat.Only the mane and tail horse, usually a tone lighter body.

Miracle Suit

Often isabella color confused with albino horses.However, the difference between them is enormous.This animal has its own unique color, unlike an albino who has no pigmentation.Isabella foals are born pure white, with pink skin, and only with age, acquire a distinctive color.

Genetically isabella suit necessarily involves several types of ancestors.In the US, there is the term - cremello.It refers to a special kind of horse breeds that have in their genetic code heredity red representatives.

isabella This suit has just two old red ancestor.Already for this reason it has become one of the rarest and most expensive in the world.Because to get isabella horse, you need to merge two identical genes.

Such genetic parameters can be found only in ivory, dun horses and horse Palomino.Only in their genes a kind of black pigment gene is inhibited very strong cream that lightens it.

All these bright shades can be found at the Akhal-Teke horses.For this reason, it is relatively common Akhal-Teke horse isabella suit.