Start breeding pigeons to study theoretical basis.Decide what kind of breed you will breed.It is better not to start with korotkoklyuvyh rocks and not to take on the maintenance of more than 5-6 pairs.
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Prepare the necessary tools and equipment.First of all, you need a room for keeping pigeons.Dovecot can be constructed from brick, wood or metal.It should be spacious enough, light, draft-free.Better make room 2 offices, for adults and for young birds.Doors shall have a height of about 150 cm, width 70 cm. They can be made double: outer solid, and the internal lattice.The floor is made of planed boards, raising it to 25 cm. From the ground, to avoid moisture.The height of the pigeon should be about 2 meters.
How to build a dovecote
Discover diet of pigeons and purchase the necessary food.Remember to maintain vitamin and mineral balance in the diet of birds.Doves can not overfeed, so the cold weather increase the amount of food, and in the warmer months - reduced.
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Get pigeons chosen breed and set up a register of birds, as well as cards, with a pedigree of each bird.
how to keep pigeons
Protect your dovecote against the penetration of cats and rodents.Common rat can ruin your work, strangled chicks or stealing eggs.
How to teach a pigeon to the hands
Learn the techniques of breeding and crossbreeding.Highlight birds, the most suitable for breeding and begin to create their genealogical line.However, remember that in subsequent generations the positive qualities of the founder can be lost.For use only vysokoporodnyh breeding pigeons with obvious signs of noble birth.
Keep pedigrees for each pigeon.They made the nickname of the birds, the parents nicknames, color and other features.Based on the pedigrees, you can draw conclusions about the transmission of hereditary characteristics.Good luck in the breeding of thoroughbred pigeons, handsome!